Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WIG THIEF! 200 Wigs Stolen!

We just received this message from our wig maker:

"Hello, I'm sorry I didn't reply yesterday, we are passing through a very unpleasant situation here. Some days ago we had a big problem with one of our employees, he stole more than 200 wigs from our factory and sold them very cheap and very fast so we could recuperate only 25 pieces.
If by any chance you have any idea that can help both of us to sell more, like organize a big sale or anything you can propose us, please let me know. Thank you so much in advance.

The loss was huge for us, and there isn't anything else we can do now but to work double as hard and find the way to sell more to try to recover our business from this big loss. 
Our stock wigs and hair are our savings and now we have to be very carefully about every decision and every step we make to be able to keep the factory running. Meanwhile, as our sales are also slow, we decided to close 2 hours earlier to save money until our sales increases a little."

If you have any ideas to help please comment below!

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