Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chira Reviews: Kabul Beauty School by Deborah Rodriguez

If I was Oprah and had a voice where people listened to what I said, I would say that this book is prescribed reading material for all those who love beauty and pursue it. It is a true story of an american single mom who goes out to Afghanistan and started a beauty school. The women's lives change as they allow themselves to embrace beauty in secrecy, as the Taliban have forbidden women to enhance what they were born with. 

Women got involved, and then disappeared, hiding their new looks under their burkahs for fear of exposure. 

This is a tale of inspiration. It is inspiring to see how international companies collaborated which allowed so many more women to participate in the secret beauty school.

On a personal note: Whilst living in the middle east I worked at a school for young women coming from disturbed homes. The school was poor but it taught theses women skills to help them in their life's journey. 

Coming from Minnesota and loving Aveda beauty products I too dreamed of partnering with a beauty business to help these women experience top quality products. It is still a dream... one of many!


P.S. This book is now a movie!

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